Why Tibet Waits for Freedom

Here’s a good article about why Tibet is being ignored in the UN for sovereignty, but the Palestinians are not.  It’s a sad reason, but probably true which is more of a criticism against the UN.



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3 responses to “Why Tibet Waits for Freedom

  1. apolucosis


    For everyone that agrees Tibet should be independent, then the more prudent question is not “how”, but “what Tibet will become”. Because, if being an independent state is a worse situation than being a part of China, then there’s no point going for independence, right?

    Hypothetically, what do you expect if Tibet does gain independence? It will become a theocracy state, Tibetan Buddhism being its state religion. Tourism will become the single most significant resource of income as Tibet lost hundreds of millions of dollars China invested in each year. Without sufficient agriculture and industry Tibet will most likely becomes poorer and poorer until it becomes a Tibet-themed Disneyland. Does independence worth all these?

    Feel free to share innovative ideas about how Tibet will run itself as a nation. And they better be good : )

  2. You raise good points. But, in the end, it should be Tibet’s decision. I’m sure western aid will flow in, maybe even business. Who knows, Wal-Mart could help.

  3. It just occurred to me. The state of Israel was a pretty useless piece of territory until the Jewish people moved in 1948. Now, it’s a thriving nation. Why couldn’t the Tibet’s do the same?

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