China-Tibet History

So, I’ve been reading about the Chinese-Tibetan conflict and have already learned two things that have surprised me, in fact, it’s the first two things I’ve read.

First, I’m surprised at the number of conflicts and wars that the Tibetan’s have fought in their history. Some of these conflicts began as early as 620, with the Emperor Gampo, then with Tridu Songtsän, and all the way up to 1904. I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me, but nonetheless, I had falsely assumed that Tibet had always been a peaceful nation.

Secondly, the relationship between Tibet and China is very long and complicated. I’ve seen relatively short websites that tend to simplify the conflict and others that are very intimidating. What have found out tonight is that it’s pretty easy for China to claim authority over Tibet. Tomorrow I’m going to read more about the Tibetan claims to sovereignty, but when you read about the treaties, the 3rd party nations that made treaties with Tibet through China, and the fact that there are over 56 unique ethnic groups in China that can claim independence if they wanted to.

This by no means justifies the recent violence of the Chinese government or the status of the Dahlia Lama, but rather, makes me realize that this issue isn’t as black and white as I once though.



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3 responses to “China-Tibet History

  1. onejustworld

    With all due respect, but it appears that you’ve badly fallen victim to Chinese propaganda lies, which can be found everywhere, absolutely everywhere.
    That isn’t just in Chinese run sites, but in just about 99% of the accounts purporting to relate the “history” of Tibet.
    Many of them rely on Wikipedia, an open sourced encyclopaedia, and the CCP is regarded as a real pest in altering text to suit their lies and fabrications of their version of the history of Tibet.

    The crux though is that the issue has been canvassed by eminent Scholars, and they all found unequivocally that Tibet was, and still has rights to be, an independent sovereign nation.

    The Chinese have cowered all and sundry into the most depraved craven servility, and managed to mute any protests from all governments with its intimidation and threat of economic sanctions at every conceivable occasion they wish to have it their way.
    I.E meeting the Dalai Lama by politicians, or even just Falun Gong adverts in public which have to be removed in foreign, sovereign lands to please the CCP, or the attendance of the opening of the Olympics. Now this one is a classic case with Sarkozy weighing up the sale of 100 Airbus planes, billion Dollar power plants and countless other lucrative contracts, versus taking a moral stand!

    May I suggest you follow these links for an authoritative view on the subject, and a comprehensive picture of what is involved.

    A Comparative Case Study of East Timor and Tibet

    Is Tibet entitled to self-determination?
    26th April 2008

    Tibet Justice Centre

    Tibet Support Group in Spain to file an extension of their lawsuit against Chinese authorities for recent crimes

    ICJ Report on Tibet 1959

    International Commission of Jurists Report on:
    The Question of Tibet
    The rule of Law
    Geneva, 1959

    Tibetan monks forced to take “patriotic tests”

    Chinese authorities in revenge attacks on Tibetan monks

  2. Wow, thanks for the reply and sources. Sadly, your comment was in the middle of health and auto insurance spam. Just so you know, I wasn’t ending things there. I was just researching some of the basics and have yet to really get into the meat of the matter. I basically looked at the pro-China side first and came away with just a few conclusions (it’s more complicated than one would think being the major conclusion).

    Next, I’m looking at the more pro-Tibet side. My fear is that no matter where I look on this topic, it’s coming from one of those two sides, and not a neutral source. Hopefully, some of those that you posted are neutral.

    I won’t have a final judgement until I’ve read both sides. Going into this, I was pretty anti-Chinese when it comes to the Tibet issue, so I wanted to read the pro-Chinese side of it since I really hadn’t seen much on that.

    I do think that the facts I presented are facts. Such as nations like England having to deal with China in regards to trade with Tibet and the wars Tibet has had in its past.

    I will write more, again, conclusions from the pro-Tibet side, but I am looking at neutral sources, so I’ll look at your stuff to find it.

    I hope you comment back b/c I am pretty ignorant in this area of history and could use feedback or info.


  3. apolucosis

    Sign. Someone really miss the cold war I think….

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