My travelbugs came in today.  If you’re not familiar with geocaching, Travelbugs (the picture above) are like dogtags that you hide in a cache.  Actually, you keep one  and hide one.  The purpose of these Travelbugs is to see how far you can get them to travel.

We bought two, so we’re going to hide a cache in California when we go at the end of this month with the goal for it to get back to its home cache I’ll hide here in Mechanicsville.  Hopefully, it will travel most of the United States, or maybe even the world.

We want the other one to somehow get into the hands of Kasey Kahne, my oldest daughter’s favorite driver.  Hopefully, someone will find it and with 6 degrees of separation, we’ll get a picture with him and the Travelbugs.

The kids really get into this treasure hunt and is a great way to bond with my girls.  Plus, it gets them outside and they get to see parts of the county, so far, that they haven’t seen yet.


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