A Different Gift

I see a positive side effect of this month, “sweeping my wife off of her feet.”  My 8 year old is picking up on it and even telling her teacher every day what I did.  I hope this puts thoughts in her head about positive relationships before she starts dating.  She’s only 8, but I think I have to fill her head with this type of thing before she’s at least 12 or 13.  I take her on dates, but as she gets older, I’m going to have to do it more frequently, as well as with my 4 year old.

I also saw on Dateline last night Randy Pausch say about his daughter and dating, “Don’t listen to what he says, notice what he does.”  Interesting thought.

So, lately, after the book, I gave her a funny little Hallmark card, created a Playlist for her iPod with songs of love and the new Jack Johnson “album,” a medicine bottle full of things like “back rubs,” and today a check in her purse for a million hugs and kisses.


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