David Frum

frum.jpgI’m reading Comeback: Conservatism That Can Win Again.  I wanted to read books I haven’t read yet, so why this: a political book, with a Conservative lean? Haven’t I read 100 of these?

Yes, I have.  But, so far, it’s not like the books I’ve read before.  For the first time, I’m seeing a fresh look at what Conservatism should be.  For too long, everything has been wrapped in Reagan, but now, with the passing of William Buckley, Milton Friedman in 2006 and Reagan in 2004, a new conservatism can be created.

If you don’t know, Frum was a speechwriter for current Bush, so you’d expect him to rally behind Bush.  He doesn’t, and nor does he completely bash Clinton.

The one thing that bothers me about the political debate today is that people just assume I want children to starve, that I’m a xenophobe, I hope the earth burns in a pile of SUVs, and other horrible things.  No one assumes I want good things for all people.  Which, ironically, is all I want.

Take health care for example.  I have a wife and 2 kids and pay $450/month for health insurance.  I also feel for the people who don’t have it because they cannot afford it.  However, I don’t think turning it over to the government is the right answer.  For example, I pay $450 each month, pre-tax, and my employer matches is with$450 of their money.  That’s $900/month.  If I bought my insurance on my own, it would still cost me $450.  So why does it cost $900 to insure me through an employer and half to do it myself?  Why are other nation’s with programs Obama and Clinton want for us, going bankrupt and telling its citizen, “cure yourself!”

I don’t want a European style health system because I see it failing in other nations and can only imagine health dictates imposed on us in Gastapo fashion to keep costs down.

Frum offers many alternatives to health care which seem more doable and less expensive, including allowing people to buy health care across state borders, level off Medicaid funding to the states, and open up competitio like my hero Teddy Roosevelt did as the Trust Buster in the early 1900s.

I’m only half way, but he’s getting to an important part of the book with “Green Conservatism” and “Win the War on Terror.”

If you’re liberal, I know you don’t want the worse for the US, we all want the best.  It’s like two coaches on the same team.  One thinks you win by running the ball, the other thinks you win by throwing the ball.

I’m a run guy.


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