Thoughts on being “meatless”

My experimentation with vegetarianism was successful.  For 29 days, I didn’t eat a single piece of meat.  However, I wasn’t a true vegetarian in the sense that I didn’t add too many vegetables to my diet.  I ate more fruit, nuts, pastas, and beans for sure, but not a lot of vegetables unless if it found itself on my pizza or lasgna.  Today was my first day with the ability to eat meat.  I’m shying away from red meat for a few reasons.  One, it might make me sick jumping in head first again, but mostly, because I just don’t think it’s all that healthy.

I’m in Maine today, Kennebunkport to be specific and had a crab salad sandwich.  It was nice to eat something light and meaty.  I’m also beginning my reading campaign.

Today I’m reading “Comeback: Conservatism that can win again” by David Frum and “Napoleon’s Pyramids” by William Dietrich.

I like balancing the real with the non-real, though Dietrich’s book is historical fiction.  As for non-fiction, I like my books 200 pages or less.  I prefer people who get to specific points quickly.  Fiction can be as long as it takes, though short novels are nice too.

My question is: what will I discover new as I turn to books more than TV?


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