Month #3: Jim Lehrer’s a Punk

fa.jpgI’m changing my schedule.  March was supposed to be no TV month, but I decided against that.  It’s not that I’m super addicted to TV, quite the opposite.  I barely watch it, so while it’s a worthy goal for anyone, it wouldn’t be a sacrifice for me at all, or a challenge.  Furthermore, the only time I do watch TV is in the morning when my 2 girls are waking up, just before we eat breakfast.  I value that those 30 minutes on the couch and cannot sacrifice that time.

So, I’m moving up “Read a book a month which was supposed to be in  August.  In fact, I’ve already started.  So this means, I have 3 months now that I don’t have a task or goal for.  So, if you have any ideas, please leave comments.

Sidenote: Amanda Overmyer just brutalized “Carry On,” looked like Cruella DeVille and sounded like she was killing a dog.

I read “The Franklin Affair: The Novel,” which was fairly ok.  I don’t regret reading it, but that’s mostly because it only cost me $5 in a hardback.  I ordered it on Amazon over a  year ago, and it sat so long, the price dropped to a penny. I paid $4.99 in shipping.  Damn UPS.

Anyway, you can read the reviews yourself, what I found interesting is that Jim Lehrer, a flaming liberal, uses the book to blast conservatives.  Must be nice to use the pen as a sword.  I guess it’s his right, but he can at least be a little more discreet.  To me, a good use of symbolism in a book is when you don’t figure it out yourself.  In this book, the evil plagarist was the author of a Ronald Reagan novel and characterized to be a fat Ann Coulter.  She’s Rebecca Lee, Rush Limbaugh in disguise.

Of course, the liberal protagonist stumbles into a series of stupid mistakes which remarkably don’t affect him. Go figure.



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2 responses to “Month #3: Jim Lehrer’s a Punk

  1. Monica

    Ok, Mike. You need to read Freakonomics and possibly Wikinomics. I am also reading Listening is an Act of Love (about the Storycorps project) and it is pretty good too.

    A novel on a current issue: State of Fear.

    Some other non-novels that you may like:
    What We Believe But Cannot Prove, What is Your Dangerous Idea, and (maybe) The Origin of Everyday Things.

    Let me know what you want (if you want any of them) and I’ll bring them to you 🙂

  2. Monica-
    Thanks. I’ve read “Freakonomics” great book, but the other’s I haven’t read. I’d love to go through them, part of my goal is to read things I normally wouldn’t read.

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