What about protein?

I read this article from cnn.com, and it explains some of the nutritional issues vegetarians need to keep in mind with a meatless diet.  So it got me wondering, since protein is the big thing, how do you know if you’re lacking in protein? What are the symptoms?  Can you recover with a snickers bar, or is there more to it?

I guess I should take a multivitamin, I’ve never been good at that, but I’m guessing real protein is better.

Last, I’m sure it wasn’t the intent of the article, and I’m probably reading into it, but I’m guessing some people don’t become vegetarians because of the nutritional concerns involved.  Meanwhile, they’re not concerned with the normal nutritional concerns of having meat in their diet.

Either way, meaty or not, you have to have a balanced diet and exercise.  People shouldn’t stay away from vegetarianism just because they think there’s too much nutritional luggage with being a vegetarian.


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  1. hi,
    i just stumbled upon your blog. It is great that you set a goal for yourself (30 days) to go vegetarian. i have been a vegetarian for several years now, and i was able to just go at it full force but some people have to transition. I am glad you have decided to cut down on the red meat (not so good for your health and not so good for the environment). I hope you will be able to substitute some more veggie-friendly meals into your normal diet. as with the protein question, I have really only got that question a couple of times. Usually vegetarians/vegans who eat a balanced diet, get more protein that people who eat meat. We are more concerned about our protein intake, making us eat sometimes more than necessary. Protein can me found in leafy green vegetables, beans, etc. I hope you enjoyed your 30 day vegetarian diet and will incorporate more of it into your normal diet.

    p.s. good luck on your other monthly challenges.

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