Health and Taxes


 So I got to thinking about the general level of health in the United States and found this article by those mocking Canadians.  It suggests that not only are Americans getting fatter, but that we’re more accepting of it.  I find that hard to swallow since some of the most popular TV shows are “The Biggest Loser” and “Celebrity Fit Club.”  On top of that, didn’t we all have to witness Kirstie Alley undress on Oprah?

In Virginia, we’re looking into banning smoking in restaurants like other states have already done.  There are laws in many states that punish bartenders for allowing someone to get behind the wheel drunk.  We have age limits for smoking and drinking.  Furthermore, if I understand it correctly, the new health system in Massachusetts established under the former governor and current Presidential candidate Mitt Romney would make it illegal for you NOT to have health insurance.

So with all this government interference with our health, why not just pass a law that would punish people/businesses for helping others get fat?  McDonalds could only allow you to order one Big Mac at a time, schools could put overweight kids in “fat class” and make them exercise, the government could levy a “fat tax” (like a carbon tax) on Nabisco for every fat gram that exceeds government nutritional standards.  How about a tax credit if you’re doctor and insurance company verify that you fall within the correct weight category for your age, height, and gender? 

So right here and right now, I propose the Fat Assistant Reduction Tax that would punish businesses for assisting people who got fat.



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2 responses to “Health and Taxes

  1. veggieguy

    I love the idea about the tax credit for being in the correct weight range… Then again, though, I’m *below* my weight range, so I’d probably miss out too.

    That would be quite an incentive for people to lose weight!

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