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So I’m wondering if my new workout schedule is smart.  I have a busy schedule with 2 children, a wife, work, and other hobbies, so planning time for the gym is tricky.  But I came up with a schedule that I think is beneficial, but I’m not an expert.  Here it is:

I go to the gym Monday, after work, then Tuesday by 5:30am.  Then I’ll be going again on Wednesday after work, and 5:30am on Thursday.  Same for Friday and Saturday (9am Saturday).  This is for January only.   By February, I’ll be going 3 -4 regular days with lighter workouts at home. 

Anyway, my thinking is that hitting my muscles at night and then early morning is like getting one long workout, but then waiting again 36 hours gives the healing time that’s important for muscles. 

Who knows? It’s only for a month, so it probably won’t matter much.  But, I’ve been bouncing between 202 to start, 206 as a high, and 203 today.  My goal is 3 below 200 weighings by the end of January.  Then I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something.

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  1. tww94

    I’m not sure the extended workout idea holds up. If I was going to be working out consecutive days I’d focus on hitting different muscle groups each time. If you’re lifting to failure each time, like you mentioned, earlier you’re going to end up over trained pretty fast. That will result in being tired, weaker, and more injury prone.

    Most systems these days tend to have days for different types of lifting – speed days, strength days, endurance days. You lift very differently on each day. You might want to consider something like that.

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