I heard on the radio the other day that going on a diet was the #1 New Year’s Resolution and going to the gym was #3.  So I Googled it to be sure and saw this on Digg for Men, and it’s found on  Here’s the list, and what’s interesting is that many of the items on my list are my goals for the year:

10.  Get Organized (clutter month)
9.  Help Others (Random Acts of Kindness month)
8.  Learn Something New (Hobby Month)
7.  Get Out of Debt
6.  Quit Drinking
5.  Enjoy Life More (All Months Combined, Act Like a Kid Month)
4.  Quit Smoking
3. Tame the Bulge (This month and next)
2. Stop Watching So Much Porn
1. Spend More Time With Friends/Family (Wife month, Kid Month)

So anyway, I’m glad to see that others are also trying what I’m trying.  I know some people aren’t into Resolutions because they feel it’s something most people do, but never finish.  I heard two interesting ideas on this the other day by Dennis Prager:

1) Why do people assume doing something new is only worthwhile if a perfect end is the result?  So what if I don’t complete a whole month of the gym, or go a whole month of being a vegetarian.  If I only lost 5 pounds instead of 15, that’s better than gaining 5 pounds.  What if I don’t act kindly EVERY day, and only 10.  Aren’t those 10 days better than none?

2) In the end, creating a resolution points out in my life what is right.  Look at my list, aren’t those all positive values?  Again, even if I don’t “sweep my wife off of her feet,” aren’t I admitting to myself and others the importance of valuing my wife?  Look at the Top 10 list for men, everything is beneficial.

Anyway, last night I went to the gym, but didn’t realize my 24 hour gym closed at 10pm on Fridays.  So I only had time to run for 20 minutes.  On Saturday, I worked out for an hour and plan on moving up to 90 minutes next week.

I’m sore, but it feels good.  Now, my wife is looking at her schedule more to also go to the gym.  Again, another benefit of a resolution.

The picture above is my gym.


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