Working Out

So my first month’s resolution is working out.  Last year, I began keeping a journal that I actually kept for an entire year.  So I was excited to see that last year, I was 207 pounds on January 2nd, and this year I was 202 pounds on January 2nd.  However, I was 206 on January 3rd.  I’m not sure why that happens, but I did just finish eating dinner today.  I hope that was it.

I have a book coming that should help me be healthier.  The goal of course isn’t just to go to the gym in January.  This needs to be a lifestyle I adopt.

So far, I’m running to warm up and lifting weights, but doing it slowly and lifting until failure.  I hope that works out okay.

I didn’t workout on January 1, but the gym was closed.  So I ate small portions that day and walked my dog for 30 minutes.



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3 responses to “Working Out

  1. richard devore

    I sure hope you didn’t eat 4lbs of food! Water is usually the big swing in people of the short term.

    Good idea – ALWAYS eat small portions. All those French dinners we laugh at for tiny proportions, embrace them as we get older.

    Figure out how many calories you need (for a guy, roughly 2000 calories) and keep a log of you food and that means everything.

    Here’s a link from Lance’s site: You may need to create a login, but they won’t spam you to death for it.

    Walk the dog, good, get a heart rate monitor. I love these things. We think we’re working out until we see our hearts haven’t done anything.

    gym – not really for loosing weight unless your using the bike, stair master, treadmill, etc.

    hitting the weights is good, but if you want to loose weight, focus on cardio, ride the bike and get a heart rate monitor. then you can ride with the girls in the evenings later in the year and weekends for fun and not to sit on your butt, but use the bike for non impact exercise you can do in front of your TV, at the gym, for a long Saturday ride, traveling to work.
    I can tell you more on what to do if you want to ride. just ask.
    Remember calories are pretty simple: if you eat more than you burn off, you gain weight, and we burn off less as we age. we need to eat well and not too much, and exercise to burn off the excess tires we carry.
    I heard a good phrase: eat only as many carbs as is the size of your fist. i just hope you don’t have massive hands.


  2. Tom

    Personally, I wouldn’t lift slowly or go to failure each time (especially initially). I’d look at doing progressive loading through the sets with a decrease in reps and even that would be cycled over weeks/months.

    I also avoid doing the same workout for very long as it bores me.

    If you get tired of running, the rowing machine is a great warm up and much harder than you might think.

    Here’s some of the stuff I’m messing around with
    and the full site at

  3. paperdreamer

    Richard is right that weight can fluctuate according to water/ food intake and output; in a day you usually weight 3 – 5 pds heavier in the evening than the morning.

    I think it’s really good that you’re trying to keep a regular exercise schedule though! If you do decide to use a gym, I don’t think visits even need to be that frequent to be effective. Usually every other day (3x a week) is enough to help maintain a healthy body. Around 20 minutes of cardio and later a circuit strength training.
    In about a month, you should notice some good results if you stick to it.
    Good luck!

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